At DeCoach we provide a holistic approach to client care. With sober living, DeCoach aims to reduce barriers related to basic needs as well as providing comprehensive behavioral health services. We partner with organizations to provide safe and sober housing for clients while accessing treatment services. While in sober living clients will have access to 24 hour sober support and activities of daily living skill building.

Clients can also access evidenced based services such as partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient program. Clients can also engage in DeCoach’s Medication-Assisted Treatment program. Clients who struggle with achieving sobriety in the community or who have had recent inpatient stays or incarcerations would benefit from the added support of a sober living environment. Also, clients who are struggling in a less intensive level of treatment may benefit from sober living to aid in their recovery journey.

Currently, sober living services are available to adult males with substance use disorders desiring to achieve sobriety.

Client Example

“Lenny is a 36 year old male who has a history of IV heroin use and has been incarcerated for the past 90 days. Although, he could stay with friends when he is released he is serious about remaining sober and wants to try sober living. He is also considering MAT to help with his cravings and prevent relapse. In sober living, Lenny, will have safe and sober place to live and individualized clinical counseling to address cravings. He will also be able to gain privileges to visit with family and have access to resources to help with job and educational needs.”