Intensive Outpatient

The Intensive Outpatient Treatment program (IOP) is geared towards individuals who are new to treatment or have been struggling with substance abuse for an extended period. Those eligible for this program receive intensive treatment while fulfilling other life commitments, such as school or work. Group counseling occurs 3 times per week along with individual counseling sessions and visits with our medical staff.

Example IOP Client

“Betty has been addicted to opiates for the past 10 years. Recently, she lost her job as a retail manager at the local mall because she kept missing work due to her drug habit. A couple of weeks ago her best friend convinced her to try OP treatment. Betty struggled in attending the OP groups and when she did go, she tested positive for illicit substances on her urine drug screen. She admitted to her counselor that she had relapsed twice in the first two weeks of treatment. Betty’s counselor informed her that she would need to be re-assessed and moved up to the IOP level of care.”