The Outpatient Treatment Program (OP) is generally a “step down” from a higher level of care and allows for individuals to continue in recovery while maintaining employment or while being enrolled in further education. This program utilizes Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) therapies coupled with group and individual counseling to promote a successful recovery.

Example OP Client

” Kyle was introduced to Cocaine a year ago at his cousin’s high school graduation party. He has been snorting cocaine twice a week for the last six months, works at the local car wash and sometimes will get a side job to detail cars.  Kyle will use this extra cash to buy cocaine whenever he can.  Recently he has been frustrated in his attempts to stop using cocaine and was attempting to stop on his own because he wants to buy an 85 Bronco to fix up, but never can save enough money to do so.”  Kyle saw an advertisement for DeCoach Rehabilitation Centre, and is thinking about calling today.

control with medications