Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization is a time limited intensive therapeutic day treatment community for individuals struggling with substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. Partial hospitalization provides structured individual, family, and group therapy sessions as well as medical services. The partial hospitalization team works with individuals to address severe behavioral health symptoms and functioning deficits in order to prevent hospitalization or relapse. Partial hospitalization is often used as a step-down program after acute hospitalization or for those continuing to struggle with symptoms in a lower level of care. Placement in this program is determined through completion of an individualized biopsychosocial assessment.

Client Example

“Aisha is a 30 year old female who has been to residential treatment for severe alcohol use disorder three times in the past year. Upon discharge from residential she returned to her family home with a referral to outpatient services and quickly relapsed. This time she is being referred to PHP upon discharge from residential treatment. In PHP, Aisha, will have access to intensive treatment 5 days a week and still be able to return to her family home in the evening. Each day in group she will be able to share about her struggles with triggers at home that contributed to past relapses. She will have the support of the clinical team and group peers to process areas of improvement and learn coping skills to prevent relapse. She will have the added accountability of daily meetings with her clinical team and be able to actively form her relapse prevention plan.”

Partial hospitalization