Withdrawal Management

The withdrawal process is one of the first major hurdles on the road to recovery. We offer a private space for clients while staff members ensure that the withdrawal process occurs in a safe and comforting manner. During withdrawal management (WM), our interdisciplinary staff will ensure you are receiving the highest quality medical care along with safely making the transition to aftercare.

Example WM Client

“Troy has been injecting heroin for the past three years. His friend Tony just got five years in prison due to a possessions charge, and Troy is scared that the same thing might happen to him if he doesn’t ‘kick the habit’. He has tried to go off heroin a couple of times by himself but was unsuccessful because of the withdrawal symptoms.  As soon as Troy began to experience withdrawal symptoms: sweats, nausea, anxiety, and diarrhea,  he went back out and used, due to feeling so physically sick and “miserable”.   He feels like he could be successful and stay clean if his withdrawal symptoms could be medically monitored”.